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7 Seconds — хардкор панк группа из Рино, Невада. Сформирована в 1980 году братьями Кевином Секондс (Kevin Seconds) и Стивом Юз (Steve Youth), они отыграли свой первый концерт 2 марта, 1980 года. Продолжают записываться и давать концерты и по сей день. Их последний альбом, на данный момент, «Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over!».

Альбомы группы

Студийные альбомы

Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over! (SideOneDummy, 2005)
Scream Real Loud…Live! (SideOneDummy, 2000)
Good to Go (SideOneDummy, 1999)
The Music, The Message (Immortal/Epic, 1995)
alt.music.hardcore (Headhunter/Cargo, 1995)
Out the Shizzy (Headhunter/Cargo, 1993)
Old School (Headhunter/Cargo, 1991)
Soulforce Revolution (Restless, 1989)
Ourselves (Restless Records, 1988)
Live: One Plus One (Positive Force/Giant, 1987)
Praise [four-song EP] (Positive Force/BYO, 1986)
New Wind (Positive Force/BYO, 1986)
Walk Together, Rock Together (Positive Force/BYO, 1985)
The Crew (Better Youth Organization, 1984)


Old School Punk Vol.1 (Walk Together, Rock Together)
Short Music For Short People (Fat Wreck Chords, 1999)
Ten Years Later (Bossa Nova, 1997)
The Song Retains The Name, vol. 2 (Safe House, 1993)
Human Polity (One World Communications, 1993)
Flipside Vinyl Fanzine, vol. 3 (Flipside, 1987)
Four Bands That Could Change The World (Gasatanka, 1987)
Another Shot For Bracken (Positive Force, 1986)
Cleanse The Bacteria (Pusmort, 1985)
Nuke Your Dink (Positive Force, 1984)
Something To Believe In (BYO, 1984)
We Got Power: Party Or Go Home (Mystic, 1983)
Not So Quiet On The Western Front (MRR/Alternative Tentacles, 1982)

Наиболее известные песни группы

Aim To Please
Best Friend
Clenched Fists, black Eyes
Definite Choice
I Have A Dream
Kinda future
Not Just Boys Fun
Straight On
The music, the message
This Is The Angry (Part I)
What If There`s War In America
Young`til I Die